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Frequently Asked Question's

Q.  How can I get my dog certified?

A.  First, your dog has to be screened.  This is a test for appropriate PRAAT-type disposition and good health.  PRAAT provides obedience training and additional instruction for those select dogs that pass this initial screening.

Q.  When are screenings held?

A.  Screening dates vary. Please call us to find out when our next screening date is.

Q.  What types of facilities would I visit?

A.  Almost any type:  hospitals, nursing homes, libraries, rehabilitation centers, adult homes, drug and alcohol treatment centers, mental health care facilities.

Q.  Can I go wherever I want?

A.  Not necessarily.  We will match up you and your dog with an appropriate facility with whom we have a contract (the list is growing).

Q.  Is there a cost?

A.  You are expected to maintain your dog's health maintenance as required by PRAAT. There is no cost to have your dog screened. If your dog passes the screening there is a $250 training fee plus a $20 background check fee.

Q.  Can children get involved?

A.  We love to get youth involved.  However, please note that if they are under 18 they must be accompanied by an adult.

Q.  How are you different from other animal assisted therapy programs?

A.  We are professionally run and overseen by a multi-disciplinary professional board.  This is a program.  You are not alone.  We will be there to help you and guide you but also to oversee all animal assisted therapy related matters.

Q.  What area do you cover?

A.  We are trying to cover Suffolk County, New York. Eventually we want to cover all of Long Island.

Q.  Can I take my dogs into public places like restaurants?

A.  No.  This is a right reserved for service dogs.

Q.  Can my dog be removed?

A.  Yes.  If behavior problems develop or if he/she is not up to date on required health care.

Q.  Do the facilities have their own volunteer requirements?

A.  This varies with the facility, but many of them have their own orientation program.

Q.  Are there dog breeds that are not allowed?

A.  Yes.  Basically dogs on the insurance dangerous dog list – Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Chows, wolf hybrids

Q.  Do the Facilities we visit pay a fee?

A.  Yes, generally $30 per visit. This is to cover obligatory costs and to grow our not-for-profit-organization. We do plan to have our own fund raisers, pursue grants and raise money outside of a "fee for service". If and when we accomplish this we will be able to reduce the fee per session or provide it at no cost to the facility.

Q.  Are you a not for profit 501(c)(3) corporation?

A.  Yes.

Q.  How can I make a donation?

A.  Call Cindy Amodio (PRAAT Admin. Assistant) at 631 207-9325, e-mail to for more information or mail your donation to:

639 Rte 112
Patchogue, NY 11772

* you'll receive a thank you letter which lists PRAAT as a 501(c) not-for-profit organization.

Q.  Do our volunteers get paid?

A.  NO

Q.   What if I leave for a while?

A.  PRAAT dogs who leave for more than two months get Leave of Absence status (LOA).  They will be re-evaluated before restarting PRAAT visits.

Q.  Who can give health care?

A.  Any New York state licensed veterinarian working in an animal hospital.

Q.  What is our PRAAT commitment?

A.  We expect our PRAAT volunteers to complete 2 visits per month to stay active.

Q.  Is there an association with Rotary International?

A.  Absolutely.  Rotary is an elite service organization.  This program started out with Patchogue Rotary club and has now branched out to all Rotary clubs in Suffolk county.

Q.  What if I want to visit a facility but it is not on your list?

A.  Give us the name and contact person if available.  We'll make arrangements to talk to them.  This is one way in which we expand our list of facilities.

Q.  Do you do things together as a PRAAT organization?

A.  Yes, many things.  Parades, career days at schools, Rotary events. We consider ourselves one big family.

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