Become a PRAAT Team

Dog owners who are interested in becoming a PRAAT team are welcome to have their dog screened at no cost. Screenings are held twice a month. Upon successful screening, each owner/dog team is required to complete a ten week obedience and therapy dog training. The training is followed by a final evaluation in a facility. All PRAAT handler-dog visits are scheduled by PRAAT. Meet our PRAAT teams.

Request PRAAT Visits

PRAAT carries liability insurance on each visit and PRAAT has a formal contractual relationship with each facility. PRAAT teams provide animal assisted therapy services to a wide range of clients, including over 100 facilities in New York, such as nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, schools, correctional facilities and corporations. The fee for each PRAAT visit is $40 an hour or $20 per classroom.

Doggie Reading Club

The Doggie Reading Club is a specialized program that is designed to encourage children to improve confidence with their reading skills, while the dog handler team provide a fun and de-stressing component. The dog handler team works with the classroom teacher to develop an individualized program, tailored to the classroom’s needs, by providing scheduled one on one sessions throughout the school year.