About PRAAT and Animal Assisted Therapy.

Partners in Restorative Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc. (PRAATinc) facilitates connections between people and dogs to provide comfort and healing, as well as learning opportunities. Our trained and certified volunteers and their humans visit schools, universities, care facilities, hospitals and courtrooms to provide people with the opportunity to benefit from animal assisted therapy.

What is Animal Assisted Therapy?

You are already probably familiar with service dogs; however animal assisted therapy dogs are a bit different.  Their handlers accompany our trained and certified pets for a specific visit, meant to help their hosts.  Our animals do not live with the people they visit. They are just there at your invitation for a short stay to help your clients receive the benefits they require.

Animal Assisted Therapy Dogs are certified to visit people for the sole purpose of enhancing their lives and only permitted to go where they are invited. Service Dogs are trained for a specific task(s) to help a person with a disability and by law are allowed anywhere.

When we visit, we might cuddle, allow you to pet us or play with us, and we love to be read to!

Our History

The Patchogue Rotary Club introduced PRAAT in 1992 under the direction of Dr. David Roy Hensen, Veterinarian and Rotarian. In 2020, we began operating under the name Partners in Restorative Animal Assisted Therapy, Inc, and gained our own separate 501(c)3 status.

Starting with only 2, we now serve over 50 facilities in Suffolk County on Long Island such as:

  • Nursing Homes
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Group/Community Homes
  • Individual Home
  • Adult Daycare Programs
  • Hospitals
  • Hospice
  • U.S. Veteran Homes
  • Special Needs Camps
  • Psychiatric Units
  • Shelters
  • Schools, Colleges, Universities
  • Libraries and Schools (PRAATinc Doggie Reading Club)

PRAAT serves all of Suffolk County including Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Adult Homes, Hospice, Hospitals, Behavioral Units, Special Events/Fairs, Community Living Homes, Libraries (as reading partners), Schools, Universities and Colleges (for de‐Stressing before exams).  The PRAAT “Doggie Reading Club” goes to High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools to help students with reading assistance.

Why Partner with PRAAT?

Training: PRAAT trains and certifies each of our animals personally.  We ensure that every animal that participates in our program has the skills and personality to ensure a successful interaction for everyone involved.

Insurance: PRAAT carries liability insurance that covers our volunteers and their humans.  More information available upon request.

Ease: Volunteers are able to work with our coordinator, who schedules, coordinates and monitors our facility visits.  We have ongoing communication with the volunteer teams and adjust our programming as needed to the needs of the volunteers and facilities.

Reputation: PRAAT is an Award Winning Program. Our program is recognized by the AKC Therapy Dog Program and has received rewards from organizations such as: Time Beacon Record; NYS Health Facilities Association (NYSHFA); Long Island Veterinary Medical Association; Long Island Business News: Local Rotary Clubs and News 12.