PRAAT Doggie Reading Club

The Doggie Reading Club is designed to help children develop their reading skills by bringing volunteers with their PRAAT certified therapy dogs into classrooms to work with children.

The DRC is currently a group of 15 volunteers who visit 13 schools in six school districts.  We schedule weekly or biweekly visits with the same class for the entire school year to allow students to build social and emotional skills as they interact with the volunteers and the dogs.  The volunteers work closely with teachers to identify effective ways to facilitate student progress in reading.  Our goal is to develop a trusting and long-term relationship with the children.  The benefits of the program are great for everyone involved—the children, the volunteers, the teachers, and the dogs.  The dogs help build joy in the classroom and inspire children to read on their own.

We are a friendly, varied group who share ideas about our experiences in the classroom.  You do not need special skills to become a DRC volunteer—just a desire to work with children and encourage them to read.